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(137) 5 kN Fatigue Test Stand for Soft Polymer Foams


  • determination of fatigue in soft polymer foams under constant impact load as per ISO 3385
  • determination of compression hardness before and after constant load as per ISO 2439 (Method A-D)

Key features:

  • electro-mechanical testing actuator, Fmax 5 kN
  • actuator stroke 200 mm
  • test speed up to 30 m/min
  • Zwick load frame (nominal force 30 kN)
  • indenter with standard-compliant diameter for compression tests
  • 400 x 400 mm compression platen
  • testXpert testing software

Advantages and benefits:

  • cost-effective solution for fast testing procedures
  • fatigue test plus measurement of specimen thickness and indentation hardness in a single testing machine
  • adjustable support table provides optimum support for large-area specimens


Марвел ООД
Tel.  +359 32 678 026

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