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(001) 100 kN materials testing machine with roboTest R robotic testing system

Automatic tensile tests on metals to ISO 6892

Key Features

  •  Z100 100kN materials testing machine including Makro extensometer with transverse strain measurement
  • ‘roboTest R’ robotic testing system
  • tiered magazine for specimens
  • automatic cross-section measuring device
  • automatic roughness testing system
  • automatic Rockwell hardness testing
  • Zwick autoEdition2 automation software
  • 2D barcode reader for error-free identification of specimens

Advantages and benefits

  • robotic testing system requires no supervision (e.g. during breaks), allowing high specimen throughput
  • subjective influences (hand temperature/moisture, off-center or angled specimen insertion etc.) are eliminated for high test-result reproducibility
  • low per-specimen testing costs - robotic testing system covers costs within approximately two years
  • modular design of the robotic testing system allows manual testing whenever required


Марвел ООД
Tel.  +359 32 678 026

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