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(028) 1000 kN sheet metal testing machine

Testing the ductility of sheet metal (FLC test)

Key features

  • BUP1000 1000kN materials testing machine
  • covers all established sheet-metal testing standards (e.g. EN ISO 20482, EN 1669).
  • testing effects of surface treatments, coatings and lubricants
  • maximum test load 1000 kN
  • maximum punching and clamping force 1000 kN
  • deep drawing speed: 30 - 750 mm/min
  • stepless electronic adjustment of clamping force and deep drawing speed via proportional valves

Advantages and benefits:

  • ergonomic operation
  • triple safety concept for risk-free operation
  • hydraulic opening and closing of tool head, with 2-handed operation
  • fast, easy change of fixtures and tools, including drawing-punch, drawing-die, blank-holder, cutting-punch, cutting-ring and scraper-ring numerous modular expansion options
  • height-stop, blank-holder force and deep-drawing speed all steplessly adjustable
  • low piston-cylinder friction enables accurate measurement recording and excellent reproducibility
  • test tools/fixtures from earlier machine generations or for different force-ranges can be used in most applications
  • display and output of measured values in freely configurable test reports via testXpert


Марвел ООД
Tel.  +359 32 678 026

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