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Very high measurement accuracy combined with an extremely large measurement range makes multiXtens the ideal tool for varying requirements (e.g. testing plastics and elastomers or plastics and metals).


makroXtens extensometer 

makroXtens extensometer

makroXtens II is a versatile, high-accuracy extensometer Ideal for tensile, compression, flexure and cyclic tests on metals, plastics, composites and many other materials.



Long-travel extensometer

The long-travel extensometer is designed for tests on elastic plastics, elastomers, films/foils, textiles, leather and similar elastic materials.



Digital clip-on extensometers

Zwick clip-on extensometers are designed for testing plastics and metals. They meet all requirements for extension and change-in-width measurement, particularly with reference to metal testing.



Inductive clip-on extensometers

These extensometers attached directly to specimens and are designed for extension measurement on metals and plastics.



Strain gauge clip-on extensometers

These manual strain gauge clip-on extensometers are attached directly to the specimen. They feature fixed pre-set gauge lengths and are suitable for use on metal and plastic specimens.



Extensometers for compression, flexure and component testing

These digital displacement-measuring systems are applied directly to the specimen (clip-on extensometer).


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