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Extensometers for compression, flexure and component testing

Zwick supplies displacement transducers for measuring deflection in 3 or 4-point flexure tests and deformation path during compression tests. Measuring transducers are also available for tactile extension measurement, e.g. during component testing.

  • 3-point flexure test kit
  • 4-point flexure test kit

Displacement transducers for compression and 3- or 4-point flexure tests


  • Displacement transducers for 3-point flexure tests are designed for tests to ISO 178 on rigid and semi-rigid plastics.
  • Displacement transducers for 4-point flexure tests are designed in accordance with DIN 53457.
  • The displacement transducers are suitable for measuring the deformation path in compression tests.

Displacement transducers for compression and 3 or 4-point flexure tests - advantages

  • easy to operate
  • direct deflection measurement centrally below specimen
  • low drag force
  • high measurement accuracy for determination of flexure modulus
  • optionally available with motorized application unit and increased resolution<strong/>

Digital measuring transducer

Digital measuring transducers

  • These measuring transducers can be used in conjunction with zwickiLine, ProLine and AllroundLine testing machines.
  • Highly accurate tactile displacement measurements can be performed on components using these transducers.
  • The opto-electronic measurement transducers with measurement range of 12 mm and 25 mm are equipped with a spring that leads back the measurement insert. Thus the measurement transducer can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically

Extensometer for testing plastic pipes

Extensometer for testing plastic pipes

  • designed for testing pipes with dimensions DN125 to DN600.
  • enables deformation measurement of pipe internal diameter in accordance with ISO 9969 and DIN 16961
  • measuring stand can be adjusted to pipe diameter via magnetic fasteners

Extensometer for testing plastic pipes - advantages

  • flexible height adjustment - no tools required
  • high measurement accuracy
  • can be used for pipes with nominal diameters DN125 to DN600
  • easy to handle
  • measuring transducers can be changed quickly and easily

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