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  • makroXtens® extensometer side view
  • makroXtens® extensometer

makroXtens II extensometer

makroXtens II is a versatile, high-accuracy extensometer makroXtens II is a versatile, high-accuracy extensometer, ideal for tensile tests, compression tests, flexure tests and cyclic tests on metals, plastics, composites and many other materials and for use in temperature chambers.

Advantages of makroXtens II

  • standard extensometer in the metals, plastics and automotive industries, with an installed base of over 6,000 systems
  • Accuracy Class 0.5 to EN ISO 9513
  • maximum error +/- 1µm in differential movement measurement between two measuring points in the 20 µm to 200 µm range, fully satisfying the additional requirement of ISO 527-1
  • makroXtens II is calibrated from 20 µm measurement travel in Class 0.5
  • can be used up to specimen break, even with high loads and brittle specimen material
  • perform compression and flexure tests by simply changing the sensor arms
  • measuring system is automatically tracked into the optimum position between the specimen grips - maximum measurement travel is always available
  • unique integrated safety mechanism and tilting knife-edges provide optimum system protection - e.g. machine is stopped immediately if sensor arms contact specimen grips.

videoXtens® transverse strain extensometer

videoXtens transverse strain extensometer and makroXtens II - the best of both worlds

  • The combination of the videoXtens transverse strain extensometer and makroXtens II provides an ideal contact/optical strain-measurement system for the metals and automotive industries.
  • videoXtens provides non-contact, high-resolution measurement of change in width, enabling determination of r values to ISO 10113.
  • The width can be determined at one or more locations (measuring lines). This allows measurement of offset yields in tensile tests to ISO 6892-1, together with r & n-values to ISO 10113 and ISO 10275

Suitable materials testing machines


Новата серия изпитващи машини Alround-Line

Новата Allround-Line е подходяща за приложения от всички сфери. Доказано и утвърдено ел. управление в комбинация с гъвкава, модулна рамка гарантира оптимално решение за претенциозни приложения. Машината е идеално подходяща за качествен контрол и за научни проекти.




ISO 527 and ASTM D638 Tensile tests on plastics with makroXtens - Zugversuch an Kunststoffen

Tensile tests on plastics to ISO 527 with makroXtens extensometer - Zugversuch an Kunststoffen nach ISO 527 ...
Video 00:01:42
114_Zugversuch_Kunststoff.wmv (67 M)

ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8 Tensile tests on metals with makroxtens - Zugversuch an Metallen

ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8: Tensile tests on metals with makroxtens extensometer - Zugversuch an Metallen mit ...
Video 00:02:27
113_Zugversuch_Metall.wmv (93 M)

3-point flexture tests on plastics - 3-Punkt Biegeversuch an Kunststoffen

3-point flexture tests on plastics to ISO 178 with makroxtens - 3-Punkt Biegeversuch an Kunststoffen mit ...
Video 00:01:58
119_Biegeversuch_Kunststoff_01.wmv (76 M)

makroXtens extensometer - Längenänderungsaufnehmer makroXtens

Universal extensometer makroXtens - Berührendes Messsystem: Längenänderungsaufnehmer makroXtens mit ...
Video 00:01:29
118_Extensometers_makroXtens.wmv (54 M)

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