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Interior view of videoXtens extensometer with 2 cameras
videoXtens - non-contact extension measurement 

videoXtens extensometer

The videoXtens extensometer is suitable for optical extension measurement on contact-sensitive and highly elastic materials.



videoXtens HP

videoXtens HP sets new standards in accuracy and reproducibility. When international standards require high precision, videoXtens HP is the perfect solution. Operator influence is virtually eliminated, ensuring consistent test results.

videoXtens® Array extensometer 

videoXtens Array extensometer

The fields of view of videoXtens Array’s three cameras are combined and the displacement of the gage marks from image to image is converted to extension measurement. This extensometer is especially suitable for testing heavy plate, constructional steels, wire and many plastics.


laserXtens extensometer 

laserXtens extensometer

laserXtens high-resolution systems greatly simplify measurements on small specimen geometries. Flexibility and ease of operation make laserXtens equally suitable for classical quality assurance applications or for use in research and development.


laserXtens Array extensometer 

laserXtens Array HP extensometer

laserXtens Array HP features a measuring head incorporating seven fixed high-resolution cameras. The overlapping fields of view of the seven cameras are combined into a single large image, giving a very large measuring range.

laserXtens Compact extensometer 

laserXtens Compact extensometer

In contrast to contact-type extensometers or pure video instruments, laserXtens Compact can measure strains on short specimens (gage lengths from 1.5mm) with high accuracy.


lightXtens extensometer  

lightXtens extensometer

lightXtens is suitable for all specimens displaying high fracture energy and prone to whipping at break, which might damage mechanical, contact-measurement systems.


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