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  • Z250SN Allround-Line                                                                                               Hydraulic grips, Fmax 2000kN

Hydraulic grips: features

Hydraulic grips are primarily used when test loads of 50 kN and over, with associated high gripping forces, are required (Fmax from 10 kN to 2000 kN possible). . The clamping pressure can be adjusted and reproduced with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Defined force application ensures optimum gripping of sensitive materials.
  • Zwick's 'Force Constant Hold' force stabilization system reliably protects the specimen from unwanted tensile or compression forces due to material flow or grip deformation during the closing and clamping process.
  • The ratio between gripping and tensile forces can be adjusted individually, ensuring that the specimen is held securely (at maximum tensile force approximately double gripping force is required).


Hydraulic Grips

Learn more about Zwick/Roell hydraulic grips

  • hydraulic grips with cylinders arranged in line with the clamping direction
  • Hydraulic grips for short clamping-lengths
  • Hydraulic grips employing the 'body over wedge' operating principle


Hydraulic grips for servohydraulic testing machines

Particularly severe demands are placed on specimen grips used with servohydraulic testing machines. They must not be fatigue-critical and must be suitable for alternating load tests, optimized for weight, easy to operate and capable of gripping a wide range of specimen geometries and widely varying materials.



GripControl hydraulic power pack

GripControl hydraulic power-packs are tailor-made for Zwick hydraulic grips and tools/fixtures up to 250 kN. All power packs feature a high degree of safety, including Emergency STOP chain and inching mode.


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