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Media Container with Temperature Control Unit

Контейнер с блок за управление на температурата

In the field of biomaterials, research is carried out into the mechanical properties of both regenerative and artificial materials. To reflect the physiological conditions of the body, the mechanical test should be performed in a temperature-controlled fluid bath. 

Stents made of Nitinol are also tested in a temperature-controlled medium as the material displays different characteristics at 37 °C from those at room temperature.

  • Suitable for static and servohydraulic testing machines
  • For applications in media such as saline solution, ethyl alcohol, blood etc.
  • Container (Duran glass) can be moved axially to enable clamping of the specimen outside the liquid medium
  • Various test fixtures or specimen grips can be connected /attached to the internally located mounting studs - Zwick has a large range of submersible specimen grips
  • Quick dismantling for easy cleaning; disinfection also possible in autoclave at up to 120 °C
  • Optional temperature control unit for installation in temperaturecontrolled bath: heat exchanger with separate heating circuit, heating power 2 kW, temperature range: Room temperature to 80 °C. Temperature control on the specimen via sensor arms; includes separate container for pre-conditioning specimen.



Tensile Test on Artificial Tissue in Temperature-controlled Environment

Testing machine( 2,5 kN) with a temperature-controlled bath and a video-extensometer ...
Video 00:01:30
56_Tensile_Test_on_Artificial_Tissue_in_Temperature-controlled.wmv (8.1 M)

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