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Modular design - flexible and future-proof

These materials testing machines can be adjusted for optimum ergonomic configuration; modular design allows adaptation as and when required. The intelligent plug and T-slot system allows components to be adapted quickly to meet varying requirements.

Zwick's testing systems set new benchmarks. The control electronics, software, test fixtures, load cells and extensometers are similarly "Made by Zwick", ensuring perfect interaction within the testing system and guaranteeing traceable test results.

Xforce load cells

Xforce load cells, displacement transducers and sensors
The large number of highly flexible interfaces allows time-synchronized integration of load cells, displacement transducers and other sensors including measurement amplifiers, measurement bridges etc. whenever required. This also ensures very high measurement accuracy and reproducibility when customized or special sensors are employed for a particular testing situation.

Specimen grips and test fixtures

Specimen grips and test fixtures
Mechanical modularity enables the testing system to be augmented from the wide range of Zwick test fixtures and specimen grips or with customized devices. This is where the highly adaptable, play-free plug and T-slot system comes into its own, backed by a wide variety of crosshead mount options.


Zwick has the optimum extensometer for every individual application. Innovative solutions (some are even patented) guarantee maximum accuracy and reliability, high specimen throughput and outstanding operator ergonomics. This wide range of extensometers can easily be integrated into the testing system via the various mounting options.


An automation system can be applied to the testing machine whenever desired with a view to achieving an even more efficient test sequence.

The design of Allround­Line and zwickiLine makes them ideal for use with temperature chambers, high-temperature furnaces and water-baths. These integrated solutions ensure simple, efficient operation.

Data link

Data link
Any type of database connection is supported, regardless of how test specifications and results are managed.


Both webcams and high-speed cameras can be connected. Test results can also be displayed on smartphones.


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