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ProLine for standardized tests

ProLine is the ideal testing machine for function tests on components and standard tests on materials and was designed primarily for standardized tests. Used in conjunction with our intuitive testXpert II testing software, ProLine materials testing machines are fast and very easy to operate. All test programs can be used. Development and manufacture of ProLine, including all mechanical, electronic and software components, together with the comprehensive range of accessories, takes place at Zwick's production facility in Germany, enabling optimum matching of all items.

ProLine with testControl II electronics

Technical overview

  • ProLine is available with test speeds from 0.0005 to 1500 mm/min, depending on type. Testing machine speed is independent of the test load.
  • The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110% of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc.
  • ProLine is available for test loads up to 100 kN and with test area heights from 1050 mm to 1450 mm.
  • ProLine can be operated with standard commercial PCs or laptops and requires no special expansion card.

Precise crosshead guidance

Precision crosshead guidance
Two steel columns provide highly accurate guidance for ProLine's moving crosshead, enabling precise force application to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure tests, compression tests, precision tests on components etc.

Extremely low minimum speeds

Powerful drives
Extremely low minimum speeds can be set, combined with excellent speed-constancy. The drive also delivers high crosshead travel resolution. This is important in cases such as component tests with especially demanding travel-precision requirements, or tests on specimens with high stiffness and short travel.

Innovative testControl II electronics

Innovative testControl II electronics
All materials testing machines in the ProLine range are equipped with powerful testControl II electronics. The high-quality, maintenance-free AC drive technology plus online correction of machine compliance enable very high travel-measurement and positioning accuracy.

Time-saving return speed

Time-saving return speed
Faster return speeds mean reduced cycle times and increased test throughput.

Easy change of application

Easy change of application
The flexible plug and T-slot system allows specimen grips and test fixtures to be changed as and when required, enabling a wide range of tests to be performed with the same testing machine. The intelligent test environment concept enables fast, safe, reliable changes from one application to another.

Short delivery times

Short delivery times
The very short delivery time for ProLine materials testing machines - 2 weeks - makes it possible to get started with testing quickly and without losing valuable time.



DIN EN ISO 13968 - Determination of the ring flexibility - Bestimmung der Ringflexibilität

Determination of the ring flexibility of pipes to DIN EN ISO 13968 - Bestimmung der Ringflexibilität an ...
Video 00:01:09
191_Determination_of_ring_flexibility_01.wmv (44 M)

ISO 844 - Compression test on rigid foam Panels - Druckversuch an Hartschaumplatten

Compression test on polystyrene rigid foam Panels - Druckversuch an Polystyrol Hartschaumplatten
Video 00:01:24
189_Compression_test_01.wmv (53 M)

ISO 37, ASTM D 412 Tensile tests on elastomers - Zugversuch an Elastomeren

Tensile tests on elastomers with very high strain according ISO 37, ASTM D 412. Using a Zwick ProLine testing ...
Video 00:01:38
177_ProLine_Testing_elastomers_01.wmv (62 M)

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